intoasoulasylum asked:

All of them from 1 to 30! It'll be one long list eh?

Ok here we go :)

1. Favourite song?

Literally an impossible decision!! I love every oasis song ever , but champagne supernova literally means so much to me and it’s just an amazing song!

2. Favourite band member?

Probably noel…

3. Favourite non- gallagher band member?

Gem archer:)

4. Favourite album?

Definitely maybe, but they’re all amazing

5. Favourite song from the last 4 studio albums?

Standing on the shoulder of giants - where did it all go wrong?
Heathen chemistry - the Hindu times
Don’t believe the truth - the importance of being Idle
Dig out your soul - I’m outta time

6. Top 5 B-sides?

In no particular order….the masterplan, stay young, underneath the sky, listen up, take me away

7. Top ten songs?

In no particular order…again…live forever, slide away, some might say, champagne supernova, the girl in the dirty shirt, where did it all go wrong, little by little, the importance of being idle, cigarettes and alcohol, whatever, the masterplan, sorry that’s 11 couldn’t choose

8. Albums from favourite to least favourite

Definitely maybe, what’s the story, heathen chemistry, be here now, don’t believe the truth, standing on the shoulder of giants, dig out your soul. But they’re all amazing

9. Which albums do you own?

All of them

10. Do you own any singles?

Sadly no

11. NGHFB or beady eye

Love em both but got to be noel sorry!

12. Wonderwall or live forever

Live forever!

13. Don’t look back in anger or the masterplan

Impossible decision sorry :)

14. Liam or noel

Damn they are both brilliant, probs noel cos he’s got the songs!

15. Bonehead or gem?


16. Guigsy or andy?

Gotta be andy

17. Favourite drummer?

Chris sharrock

18. Do you believe in oasis 2015?

I want it to happen so bad but somehow I don’t think it will

19. Do you believe in an oasis reunion?

One day it will happen

20. What’s your theory on oasis split?

I don’t really know, musically they were still brilliant as ever but the relationship between noel and Liam wasn’t good so I guess a split was inevitable

21. If you had to chose between a reunion or noel and liam making up what would you choose?

Noel and liam making up, because I loved the brotherly love they had at one point and a reunion would be shit if noel and Liam didn’t want to be there.

22. Would you send noel to heaven or hell?

Well just for his great songs heaven

23. Would you send liam to heaven or hell?

Well he said it himself he’s going to hell because the Devils got all the good gear

24. Have you ever named anything after oasis

I named one of my fish noel once

25. How long are you a fan?

Been one since I can remember and I always will be

26. How have you become a fan?

I can’t even remember I think I just got myself in to them

27. What’s the first song you ever heard?

Wonderwall I think

28. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done as a fan?

Don’t think I’ve ever done anything weird..

29. Have you ever attended a gig?

Sadly no :( but hopefully one day

30. Have you ever met a band member?

No, would literally die if I did though:)

Thanks for asking me these:D hope you enjoyed


A few questions, only for Mad Fer It

  • 1: Favorite song?
  • 2: Favorite band member?
  • 3: Favorite non-Gallagher band member?
  • 4: Favorite album?
  • 5: Favorite song from the four last studio albums?
  • 6: Top 5 B-Sides?
  • 7: Top 10 songs?
  • 8: Albums from favorite to least favorite?
  • 9: Which albums do you own?
  • 10: Do you own any single? Say which one
  • 11: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds or Beady Eye?
  • 12: Wonderwall or Live Forever?
  • 13: Don't Look Back in Anger or The Masterplan?
  • 14: Liam or Noel?
  • 15: Bonehead or Gem?
  • 16: Guigsy or Andy?
  • 17: Favorite drummer?
  • 18: Do you believe in Oasis 2015?
  • 19: Do you believe in an Oasis reunion?
  • 20: Whats your theory on Oasis split?
  • 21: If you had to choose between a reunion or Noel and Liam making up what would you chose?
  • 22: Would you send Noel to heaven or hell?
  • 23: Would you send Liam to heaven or hell?
  • 24: Have you ever named something after anything related with Oasis?
  • 25: How long are you fan?
  • 26: How have you become fan?
  • 27: What's the first song have you hear?
  • 28: What's the weirdest thing you've done as a fan?
  • 29: Have you ever attended to a gig?
  • 30: Have you ever met a band member?